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Adults cam4u

In typical, time honored fashion, Spank Bank Awards founder Gabriel Lan opened the festivities by welcoming everyone in attendance and thanking them for their contributions to the industry, peace on Earth, and humanity in general.Lan then introduced show host-for-life Missy Martinez, who opened with a touching, heartfelt monologue about mental health awareness, sex worker equality, and a plea for kindness and compassion towards one another. Poor @Gabriel_Lan has been tweeting out the teases on social media for months now. But first, a word from our voter: Upon opening the hermetically sealed jar in which they were kept, show host Missy Martinez revealed the nominations for the 8th annual Spank Bank Awards presented by As always, there were a record number of pornstars receiving a record number of awards as well as the recognition that they all so richly deserve.Before the awards show even started, an enormous amount of previously unannounced Technical Category awards was handed out to the winners as nominees arrived on the red carpet.Jenna sold out her merchandise early on the second day and decided on sightseeing the rest of the weekend.She has stated several times that this is her last year touring before she moves on to the next phase of her career.

Posted by Gabriel Lan on LIVE from their traditional locale in the suburbs of warm, sunny Nowhere Special, USA, the 8th annual Spank Bank Awards proudly presented by were held over the weekend.

Security seemed more relaxed than in Denver, and I didn’t observe too much obnoxious behaviour by the attendees despite the crowds.

Jenna Haze and April O’Neil had the longest lines of the convention floor.

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The parties weren’t too far away, but my laziness defeated any desire to seek out trouble.

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