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Eventually I retired and came home to Portadown, where I’ve been glad to play a part in two local art clubs – the Armagh Art Club, where for 17 years I was Treasurer, and the Portadown Visual Arts Society, based here at Millennium Court, for all of whose 20 years I was Secretary.There was time then for some ‘proper’ paintings to show in Club exhibitions, and some of those have sold, which is always a thrill - but I still love sketching best.Shift now into the main room, Room 1, with its complex ceiling structure.The artist started with eight sheets of dibond (H 2440mm x W 1220mm) of the same substance.Unlike you, the reader, this writer, at the time of writing, has not seen the Installation because it has not yet been constructed.What he has seen are the component parts, charcoal drawings on the studio walls, sketchbook plans which may or may not be followed, smaller drawings and paintings on small pieces of dibond, and, made from the same substance, a sculptural installational piece, currently inhabiting the corridor outside of the studio, where, starting at the top of a doorframe, it bends and twists through space before diagonally thrusting downwards to the floor.At first I took quite a few photographs too, to capture a ‘true record’ for copying at home; but later I realised that the sketch itself is the record, and can show so much more of the spirit of the place and the day than any photograph.Years later, in 1985, I qualified for the Partnership’s Long Service Leave – and spent a happy six months travelling round the world, with two sketchbooks and the smallest possible set of gear - including this time a folding stool, which enables you to sketch in comfort anywhere (no easel needed, just your knees).

‘Semblance and Event’ seeks to draw together old and new works that will bring into dialogue stark and austere examinations of materials and matter with processes of making that resemble ascetic practices of repetition.Dibond is a shiny, reflective, aluminium composite made from two layers of the metal with a plastic centre in-between.Mc Keever cuts these sheets into strips, thinner ones between 23 and 25 mm and thicker ones between 58 and 62 mm, which she can bend and twist. As the wing nuts project outwards, they are nodal points for the attraction and reflection of light.He was trying to give an overview of the war from the points of view of professional writers, but his title acknowledged that the individual component parts were capable of being re-assembled in many different ways, and therefore capable of creating many different ‘Scenes’.You, the audience, are currently looking at an exhibition by Sinead Mc Keever called .

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