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Anniese taylor dendy dating

This scene is similar to the scene in West Side Story in which rival gangs named the Sharks and Jets face off, the authorities arrive, and in the ensuing melee, a number of members from both teams become injured.

Both squads are forced to leave the camp as neither one has enough members to compete, but before they can board their respective buses, Carson suggests to Brooke that they combine into a single squad to compete at the Cheer Camp Championship.

The Sharks decided to hold a ceremony to ask the "Cheer Gods" for forgiveness, they are interrupted when the Jets arrive, and the squads have a "cheer-rumble".Though reluctant at first, the squads come together as the "East-West Coast Shets," complete with new uniforms made through patching their old uniforms together, the two teams slowly bond, while Carson works on repairing her relationship with Penn.The Shets sneak into Camp Victory, the rival of Camp Spirit-Thunder, to scope Camp Victory's star team, the Flamingos, after seeing their impressive performance, Carson devises a new routine, inspired by the Double Dragon ride at that amusement park.Lors de leur voyage au Camp Spirit-Thunder, où a lieu la compétition afin de choisir l'équipe qui représentera les États-Unis lors de la prochaine compétition mondiale des Cheerleaders, les deux équipes enchainent moqueries et coup bas afin de déstabiliser l'autre.Cela n'empêche pas Carson de tomber amoureuse de Penn (Michael Copon). La bataille que se livre Carson & Brooke cesse quand, au cours d'un concours de danse entre les deux équipes, certains membres des deux côtés sont blessés. C'est ainsi que les Shark et les Jets forme les Shets.

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The West Coast Sharks Cheerleading Squad, led by Carson, are attending Camp Spirit-Thunder where they're confronted by their arch-rivals, the East Coast Jets Cheerleading Squad, led by her sister Brooke.