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“Nobody knows where Belarus is.” Sasha poured a shot of balsam into his plastic cup. We were on a train from Minsk, rolling south through the contaminated zone. ’ ‘No,’ I say, ‘BEL-A-ROOS.’ ‘Oh right, part of Russia,’ they say…as if they recognize it.” “I have this joke,” Sasha tilted the red cup back and forth while he spoke.

You know — open your own business — a cake shop, a hotel, a bookstore.

“Wait,” I interrupted, “haven’t you been to Russia, Sveta? ” “She grew up in the southeast somewhere, I think.” “What does that mean? Classical music: that’s how, they say, you know bad news is coming. It lives in flaking paint chips, in the stillness of apartment block stairwells, in the hushed moments around kitchen tables.

“Apparently she was a brilliant classical pianist, but she can’t play anymore. Her fingers break whenever she touches the keys.” “Why? The general public wasn’t informed of the accident until two days later, when the state radio station started playing classical music.

And three: I’ve only ever had Mc Donald’s once in my whole life,” Sveta announced. My students were too chatty, and they rarely did their homework.

The rest of the class then has to guess which statement is false.

I want to cook with you and sit down to share a meal.This standard of musical education is not readily available through the regular school system.If a career in music is not for you, and you plan to study and work in some other professional sphere, you will nevertheless find that your life has been equally enriched by your experience in Yorkshire Young Musicians.The Sunday sessions are designed to leave you free to continue to participate in any general school and local authority music activities with which you wish to be involved.Teaching takes place in two centres: one in Leeds at Leeds College of Music and the other at Albemarle Music Centre in Hull.

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Seeding is when you inject the sky with silver iodide to induce premature rainfall. After the accident, a radioactive cloud hung over the border between Belarus and Russia. It’s probably just a rumor, but Belarusians say it rained a lot that week.