Avril lavigne dating oil heir

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Avril Lavigne appears to have upgraded from her ' Skater Boi' ex-husband Chad Kroger to the heir of a billion-dollar empire. News, the singer songwriter has formed a relationship with Phillip Sarofim, the son of Texas billionaire Fayez Sarofim.

They've apparently been only dating for a few months and have been pictured going in and coming out of each other's houses.

Brody was most recently dating Playboy playmate Jayde Nicole, but they split in December.

After revealing she and Deryck were to divorce, Avril insisted the pair would remain friends.

However, those in the know kept quiet about the whole thing and replaced her with some fake and phony imposter called Melissa Vandella.

The two became friends and, one night in the studio, Avril thought it would be a laugh to teach Melissa how to sing like her. Can you just teach someone how to emulate your voice?

If you're not up to speed on the rumours, there is a conspiracy theory going around that the ' Complicated' singer actually died in 2003, just after her first singles were topping the charts, and was replaced by a doppelgänger.

Almost 15 percent of searches involving Lavigne led to websites that may contain potentially harmful malware.

Anyway, the rest is history and this reported lookalike has been married, divorced and now is apparently cosying up with a future billionaire.

If you're not convinced, there's an entire blog, titled ' Avril is Dead' devoted to it. Interestingly, internet security firm Mc Afee revealed that Avril was the most dangerous person on the internet.

There you go, beware of the internet my friends - especially rumours about dead celebrities and doppelgängers.

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The new couple was introduced to each other through friends at a dinner party.

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  1. But they would not comment on the personal lives of their client. She sounds a little off, but, you know, she can’t sing.” But that still didn’t keep the singer from appearing on MTV’s “TRL” on Tuesday to promote her new album.

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