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Bogdan dating

The tribe (pleme) is one of seven Highland tribes (Vasojevići, Moračani, Rovčani, Bratonožići, Kuči, Piperi and Bjelopavlići).

It is a tradition of all brotherhoods to show respect to ancestors by knowing precisely genealogy and the history of the tribe and a family.Most of the tribe's history prior to the 16th century has naturally been passed on through oral history.Although the unofficial center is Andrijevica in north-eastern Montenegro, the tribe stems from Lijeva Rijeka in central Montenegro.Tribal association and organizations still exist (e.g. It could be clearly seen during the Montenegrin independence referendum, 2006 with the Vasojevići united opposition.It occupies the area between Vjetarnih Lijeva Rijeka in the South and Bihor under Bijelo Polje in the North, Mateševo in the West to Plav in the East.

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Stefan Konstantin had a son, Stefan Vasoje, who was brought up at the court of Dušan the Mighty.

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