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Bulova dating watch

For a man as classic, as sartorial, as smooth as Clooney it had to be from the De Ville family. Note some of the finer details like the silvery opaline dial with a domed vintage clous de Paris pattern. But his choice on the day was perhaps the most understated of all options, the 40mm 18k white gold De Ville Trésor released at Baselworld this year.KNOW HOW All our staffs are SWISS MADE top quality, produced from hardened and tempered carbonsteel.All our listed balancestaffs have allready finished and burnished pivots, so you can replaced the balancestaff directly and anjoy a high amplide when timing your movement.Wearing a wrist watch today is more of a style statement besides serving the need of keeping time.

Our staffs are dating back to the year 1900, a time when standarisation just started in watchmaking.You will even find the sizes of the balancesstaffs under the button.We are experienced watchmaker, WE KNOW HOW and WE CARE.Below we have compiled the list of the top 38 companies from all over the world who have been manufacturing great wristwatches for years.This Company offers fashionable wristwatches and started out in the year 1983.

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