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College intimidating

“To the extent any complainant suffered due to his uninformed or unknowing actions, he accepts that his conduct must change and only wishes he was adequately advised on it sooner and given the opportunity to learn and adjust his behavior.” The investigation stemmed from a Nov. In the complaint, the woman said she was walking down a hallway during the college’s Thanksgiving luncheon when she ran into Langrell.Upon recognizing her, the president said, “Oh, it’s you.

I was so shaky afterwards that it took me several tries to open the Finance Department door.” Several people interviewed by the investigator, including the woman’s supervisor, said they saw her shortly after the encounter with Langrell and that she was visibly upset as she recounted what had happened.“I did not say she looked sexy.” The News Tribune is not naming the complainant or other witnesses who were interviewed by the investigator for this report.Most still work at the college, and many said in interviews with the investigator that they fear retaliation for speaking out. 6, the Bates board voted to continue Langrell’s paid administrative leave until both parties, through legal counsel, can reach an agreement on “his possible reinstatement.” In November, Diamond of D Diamond Consulting was hired to investigate the complaint.Less than a minute later, she comes back out into the hall and waits for a nearby elevator.She fidgets and looks agitated, putting her hand to her forehead several times.

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“I recall complimenting (the staff member) and giving her a collegial hug/embrace, as I was headed to the Thanksgiving buffet.

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