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We have already discussed this seamless integration between platforms that Microsoft aims to provide with Windows 10.

However, the ultimate question that the end user, and several of our readers, ask is the compatibility of games with the new Windows iteration.

This is the “last” Windows from a traditional sense that’s coming from Redmond as now it will work as Waa S or Windows as a Service.

This essentially means that you won’t have to buy a new operating system every few years as all the changes and fixes would be released to your devices as downloadable updates.

( Check here ) -Right click on Relic and select Properties.

For example, each tank defense rating takes into account relative armor thickness, armor slope deflection percentage, speed, size, targeting mechanics, and crew training.

For now, users have started keeping an updated list of all the games that are running smoothly with the new OS (insider builds) and those that are giving some errors.

While there is a long list of Windows 10 compatible games, your favorites might still not be in the list.

Windows 10 is certainly promising to offer some exciting gaming times ahead with cross-play offering you to play Xbox One games online with your friends playing the PC version of the game, Direct X 12, gameplay streaming, and more improvements and new offers.

Microsoft is evidently using the opportunity of Windows 10 launch to also boost its Xbox One sales.

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If you are basing your decision to upgrade to Windows 10 solely on games compatibility then we would recommend you to wait for a few weeks after July 29 release until you see what bugs users are reporting. Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Acer PCs are expected to go on sale from July 29 pre-installed with Windows 10.