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it can be defined simply as reduce the number of physical SQL servers, by migrating/moving different SQL databases running on different servers into one high performance server machine.Early in the process of a consolidation project, you will create a profile to help identify which applications are good candidates for consolidation.Read Consolidation Using SQL Server 2008Abstract courtesy : Microsoft Reference: Pinal Dave ( Pinal, It might be worth mentioning products like the Polyserve SQL Server Utility from HP.It addresses a number of vectors in the virtualization/consolidation question which allows you to achieve: * Physical Server consolidation * High Availability/Rapid Failover * Dynamic Workload Management * Connection Virtualization * Streamlined Patch Management * Clustering outcomes on heterogeneous server hardware All this happens while your SQL Server data-server processes are still running against bare metal. There may be other products that also occupy this space (I think Platespin has a similar offering) but the HP product is backed by a top-tier multinational IT products & services company, and is fully endorsed by Microsoft.

Consolidating also typically requires increased hardware resources.

Here are some of the key challenges that, if not properly addressed, may take the shine off your consolidation efforts.

By consolidating multiple SQL Server databases onto a single SQL Server the CAL requirement may increase.

Gridstore recently conducted a survey of over 125 Enterprise IT professionals a number of detailed questions surrounding the issue of SQL Server consolidation, including the business challenges driving their changes.

While cost reduction was the #1 response to what is driving the desire for SQL consolidation, this was tempered by the top three issues concerning respondents when it came to consolidation — Performance (74%), High Availability (51%) and Manageability (40%).

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This is consistent in what we see in the field and marketplace; cost efficiency and new features enabling better performance, availability and management are driving our clients in the same direction.