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Consumating dating site

It’s all part of agreeing based on a common understanding, finding the common ground between us. It can be like one long test, especially when we are not new to the dating game and have had our fingers burned previously.

We know that it is within everyone to embellish the truth and unfortunately part of the dating ritual is to talk ourselves up, so sell ourselves as worthy.

We set off with a definite view of the perfect dating partner.

The moment we are introduced to someone, or view some photos of profiles or personal ads online – we forget everything! Because we are swayed by many factors, in other words, we are not as set in our ways as much as we like to think we are. However much we like to say we are not, there are few of us who wouldn’t date someone attractive.

It may be phrased in different ways, but the answer that is being sought is always the same ”What qualities and attributes do men find most attractive in women? "Words are cheap." This old adage has taken on new meaning in the cyber world of hopeful meeting and virtual dating. Maybe he or she has already proposed and you said yes. It seems that a growing trend is upon us, the spike in divorce of those over 50.

Boy meets girl, they email, text, send pictures and links to social networking pages--and maybe even get to the point where they exchange phone numbers.... If so, you are probably excited about moving towards commitment and the new life it will bring--but how well do you really know the kind of husband/wife/father/mother/ friend and lifelong partner this person will be? Once upon a time, we saw our 50's as a period of empty nesting, planning for retirement and a comfortable and secure time of intimacy.

We would have 2 dimensional personalities and be uninteresting in any meaningful way.

We do not seek partners as judges but as part of our own emotional support system.

These women married but looking for enjoy on the side.

If you want a married women to have a discreet affair with, your at the right place.

We look for humor in a person because we want them to feel good by being with us and we want them to feel good about themselves in their decisions.

We also want ourselves to feel good and to relax and have fun and a great time.

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Either way, we enjoy the company of another because we make each other feel good about themselves. Where relationships begin to crack later is where the understanding and support is replaced by criticism due to internal frustrations of lack of support.

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  1. On my fortieth birthday, I was talking to my dad on the phone, lamenting about my single status and whining that I would probably be alone for the rest of my life.