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The attraction takes the name of James George Beaney, the Canterbury-born surgeon who emigrated to Australia and had a political career before leaving £10,000 to Canterbury to set up the museum.Inside there’s a large set of works by another Canterbury native, the Victorian landscape painter Thomas Sidney Cooper, along with a few Old Masters, including a portrait of Sir Basil Dixwell by Anthony van Dyck.This Norman construction was badly damaged in a fire in 1174 and restored in various Gothic styles.

The cathedral was founded in 597 and then rebuilt in the 11th century.

The museum exhibits are arranged like a cabinet of curiosities, with Egyptian and Greek artefacts, local Anglo-Saxon finds, ethnographic exhibits, minerals and natural history specimens.

In the same UNESCO site as the cathedral and abbey is the oldest church in the English-speaking world.

It was in the cathedral that the Archbishop Thomas Becket was famously martyred in 1170.

Part of the same UNESCO ensemble are the oldest parish church in England and the Abbey that signified the rebirth of Christianity in England at the end of the 6th century.

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The gate contains a museum for the painted plaster maquettes for the bronze sculptures adorning the Lords Chamber and Westminster Palace.

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