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Dark carvern chat

Shimmy along the wall to get past the gap (and another flame geyser), walk around the large rock and hang from the wooden ledge/rail (as shown in the left picture below). Crawl inside and collect the Rupees, then emerge from the passage in the same room.If you want some more Rupees, there is actually a second secret passage on top of the next block one level higher.Pull the block out of the wall to climb up and open the treasure chest to the right. Behind it, you will find another treasure chest with a small key. Just lock on and start swiping your Hero's Sword -- as soon as the Kargorok takes off, grab the small key from its nest. You can collect these and trade them in for something good later. Look at the map as you progress in this area, but also keep an eye out for bats.Take them down, then light the torch in the area to the right (shown below).Defeat the guard (he sometimes slips and you can knock him off the bridge), then move across. Then pull the blocks out halfway as shown in the picture.Climb up the ladder, carefully avoiding the flames that shoot out of the rock. There is a hidden passage underneath the middle block.Video Walkthrough: Dragon Roost Cavern Part 1 When you've defeated all the enemies, grab the stick that one of them dropped (or go upstairs and grab one from a pot) and light the torch in the west corner of the room.A treasure chest will appear that contains a Treasure Chart #39.

Go through the door and enter the southernmost room on this level. Pick up a water-filled pot and throw it into the lava.Walk over to the left barricade and a guard will come jumping out.There are three of them, two of which are hidden in pots.Smash the pots to the left and roll into the wall to make the pots on the shelves drop.

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The entrance to the main cave is hidden behind three guardian statues. Each one is armed with a burning stick, but if you lock on properly and attack relentlessly, you won't ever get hit. The steaming cauldron in this room is a warp point, by the way. Make a left and hop over the broken walkway to a small platform. You will get to a pillar with two Bomb Flowers and another one straight ahead with a large rock. You will get to a room with a lava pit in the middle. Grab another pot and throw it to the left so that you can get over to the treasure chest. The platforms melt after a few seconds, so use the nearby pots to create another path over the lava to the left.