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So sorry to share my love life with you, but i definetly think this song is about sex, not just sex but emotional sex.I agree with dude from NY, this song means, whatever you want it to you breathe in the essence of your lover during, well, you know..what tj said a ways up, just the tremendous love between two people and how they "sing" in tons of different ways..grohl rules and so does everlong! If you listen closely to the beginning of the learn to fly video (where Tenacious D hide the drugs in the coffee machine) you'll hear Everlong in a funny variation. Does anybody know if there's a possibility to get that version? But the album version is the one I can listen to over and over.

Cobain was the devoted one in the relationship, and cared morso then Courtney obviously.

its' definetly about sex, but i get the idea of virginity because it says "out of the red" and i took that to be blood from loosing it.

And as far as the "slow how you wanted it to be" i could really relate to because i always imagined my first slow and romantic and if he had written this song, it's what' he'd have said to.

In the video, it's sid vicious & nancy spungen, the 'punk' guy is him dreaming about being sid. But the song itself refers to the hope that this moment which is great will stay on for as long as possiblemy favorite song of allllllllllll time!!!!!!!

He was wearing the same pin, necklace, had the hair. Thus leading to the nostalgia that this song creates.

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She is the main inspiration for the song and he wrote it about their "...crazy, retarded, passionate, freak-out relationship" at the time.

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