Dating an ex whos cheated before Free live favetime chat women

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Dating an ex whos cheated before

For the most part though, that one affair may not be a great indication as to who this guy is.

Well, what if you found out this same guy, who is totally into you and perfect, had cheated on his significant other in the past? And yes, there are some people who are just flat-out cheaters.

We talked about marriage and kids and he says he still wants that.

I believe that it is possible to save this relationship but it’s still in my mind that he has cheated before and may cheat again.

That if he really did love me he would never have cheated in the first place.

We're all just people after all and men and women have much more in common than they have differences.Let him earn your trust slowly by doing the “right” things – consistently. Nothing in life except may be death is 100% guaranteed.But you can reduce the risk by openly and honestly dealing with why the cheating happened in the first place.Secondly, once someone cheats that relationship is forever altered.Bringing yourself to accept that things will never be the same between the two of you will make it easier to move past the past.

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Focus on the behavior, not the feelings until the two are reconciled.

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