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A Brazilian Butt Lift is an extremely popular procedure that reshapes and enhances the size of the buttocks.Patients who are looking to obtain these results without synthetic materials being added into their body may benefit greatly from a Brazilian Butt Lift because it uses your own fat to provide the volume!Before leaving the office, the patient will be provided with a personalized quote for their Brazilian Butt Lift that reflects his or her specific needs and goals.During this time, the patient will have the option to schedule their surgery, only if they are ready; there is no pressure to book a date at this time. Brown will provide a list of instructions that he recommends every one of his patients follows before undergoing their Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.Patients who smoke are advised to quit at least 3 weeks prior to their surgery and to avoid any anti-inflammatory drugs for about 2 weeks before the procedure.

The doctor will then speak with the patient about his or her particular concerns and what their aesthetic goals are. Brown will perform an examination during which he will identify the possible donor sites and get a better understanding of the patient’s physique and natural proportions.Liposuction extracts the fat using high-powered suction, removing the fatty cells from the body initially.Instead of simply disposing of fat like a standard liposuction procedure, this particular procedure actually repurposes the viable counter height for convenience during the healing process.During this time, if patients have any questions we encourage them to contact our office and speak with our knowledgeable staff.

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It may also be an appealing choice for people who wish to enhance their body image with a more feminine look.