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In the British Isles, carvings of cup-and-rings, cup-marks, and similar images were engraved on boulders and outcrops in many parts of the landscape.

There are many theories about rock art's meaning, and you can find out more about what research has revealed in this section.Although there is still no certainty about the date of Britain’s rock art, we now think that it was created over a relatively long period during the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age (roughly 4000-1800 BC).It may also have been used for much longer in some parts of Britain, possibly throughout the Bronze Age and Iron Age. Was rock art made constantly throughout this period, or were there bursts of carving activity?In recent years, however, opinions on the age of cup-and-ring rock art have shifted, mainly due to new discoveries from archaeological excavations.Prehistoric carvings in Scotland, as elsewhere in Britain and Ireland, are almost entirely abstract and do not represent anything that might give us clues about when they were made. Cup-and-ring carved rocks are sometimes found in prehistoric monuments with a known date, and this tells us that the carvings were created before or at the same time as the monuments.

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Similarly, it is possible that some carved rocks were one-off creations, and others were repeatedly added to and modified.