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Dating should you become exclusive

Anyway, I'd like to think that by the third date she isn't dating other people, and in the following dates we can decide where we're ready to "define" our relationship...

With the girl i am seeing now it went like this."blahh blahh blahh interesting conversation about feelings etc."...... I've kissed a guy btw." ......"More interesting conversation about adjacent topics"Edit: I don't think there's a particular number.

It doesn't have to be awkward or a big serious discussion, but I do prefer to have it on the record between us. I personally have never been on a date with someone I wasn't already exclusive with, but times change.

If I hypothetically now started dating, I'd probably see how long it takes until I see how I feel about the person I'm dating.

You'll find a good girl, there are a ton of them out there trust me, but they arent sitting on tinder believe that Edit: my relationship was from 14-22....

yeah sucks haha and im only 23 now Exclusivity always just sort of seemed to be implied from the way we got serious about one another fairly quickly with every girl I've been in an LTR with, and the times I've just been casually dating someone they also made that clear fairly early on that this was their level of interest going into things.

This shocked me to hear, because she's a very quiet, mousy girl.i1?

I don't want to get to know a person who is going around and dating other people at the same time. An obvious lack of loyalty is not a desirable trait in a person when one sets out with the intent to establish a monogamous relationship.

I hate making people feel like options instead of priorities and when I begin to feel like a option I back out from said girl Well the thing is, I live in Europe where non exclusive dating isn't really a thing so exclusivity is implied from the start, no conversation needed.But these are the 5 key things I have learned since being single for a year now.Hope this helped you, and seriously take this advice.Every person and every situation are so different I don't think you could ever usefully use a blanket 'number of dates' rule or expectation.In my experience, it's also far more efficient to Does exclusivity implies being in a serious relationship or only not dating other people?

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I assume not exclusive unless there is a good reason to think otherwise.