Dating violence effects

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Dating violence effects

D., of the Michigan Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine.

'A turning point' The in-person and computer interventions both were conducted in the same place: the emergency department at Michigan Medicine.

That appeared to help make a connection and glean insight.

"Moreover, exposure to this intervention among even the most severe cases may inspire youth to seek further treatment," she says.

She worked with principal investigators Maureen Walton, Ph.

D., MPH, of the Michigan Medicine Department of Psychiatry, and Rebecca Cunningham, M.

"In terms of dating aggression, there are a lot of reasons why youth get into conflicts that escalate and become physical," Ngo says.

"It could be jealously, rumors or just having a bad day.

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That setting was intentional: "In a stressful situation in an emergency room, kids may be more open to thinking about what they want for themselves," says Ngo, also a clinical psychologist.

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