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Dating violence pamphlet canada

It explains that these kinds of abuse are against the law in Canada and describes how the law can help women who experience this kind of abuse.It includes information on restraining orders, exclusive possession of the family home, terms of release and peace bonds. (Available in French, Arabic (PDF document), Simplified Chinese (PDF document), Traditional Chinese (PDF document), Farsi (PDF document), Spanish (PDF document), Tamil (PDF document) and Urdu (PDF document)) Criminal Harassment: Stalking - It's Not Love (FVPU) by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police This pamphlet provides useful information on criminal harassment, more commonly known as stalking.

Departures from shelters and re-admissions are also examined. 85-002-XE Stalking is a Crime Called Criminal Harassment Department of Justice Canada This document explains what types of behaviour counts as criminal harassment and what victims can do to better protect themselves. (Available in French, Mandarin, Punjabi and Spanish) Transition Houses and Shelters for Abused Women in Canada (FVPU) by the Stop Family Violence This 2008 directory lists Canadian programs and services grouped by province and territory.

A brief description of the type of facility or service (e.g.

transition housing, second stage housing, other) as well as contact and fee information are provided for each facility.

It can be a place where family members are devalued and humiliated. The Healing Journey: Teen Dating - Are You in a Healthy Relationship?

Being in a violent or abusive relationship is not just a problem for adults. In fact, many people first experience relationship violence when they start dating.

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It contains information for professionals and volunteers working with children and women about supporting women as parents and responding to child disclosures. H72-3-1E Residents of Canada’s shelters for abused women, 2008 (Juristat Article) (FVPU) by Julie Sauvé and Mike Burns This article was produced by the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics under the Federal Family Violence Initiative and presents the results of the biennial Transition Home Survey.

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