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She also said she is open to marrying again in the future.

The songstress also teased her forthcoming project.

I think it was after their first kiss," Monet explains.

"He waited to kiss her for a long time, and she was really impressed.

He boasts: “Pretty much every message that Trump put out was data-driven.” A month before the elections, Trump’s team tested 1,75,000 different variations of his messages through Facebook.

The “dark posts”—sponsored Facebook posts that can be seen only by users with specific profiles—differed in colour, captions, photo or video to target the recipients in the optimal psychological way.

The 22-year-old singer opened up in an interview with Billboard and discussed what she learned about dating in the public eye, especially as a pop star.

When asked about her 8-month relationship with her rapper ex-boyfriend, she explains that the split was easy. Don't get me started on this s--t."As if it isn't already obvious enough, gender equality is something Grande is incredibly passionate about, and she refuses to be diminished against the men in her industry."If you're going to rave about how sexy a male artist looks with his shirt off, and a woman decides to get in her panties or show her boobies for a photo shoot, she needs to be treated with the same awe and admiration," Grande explains.

The end."Victoria Monet—Grande's co-writer and close friend—did dish a bit more, revealing that "Moonlight" was influenced by him."That's what Ricky called her one night.

Combining Big Data analysis, behavioural science and social media, it creates psychological profiles of every user.

Everything people do on and offline, every search typed into Google, every purchase made with cards, buying and selling land, everywhere people go with their mobile phones leave digital traces that CA harvests.

Digital footprints become real people with fears, hobbies, opinions, lifestyles, needs and residential addresses.

Says psychologist and data scientist Michal Kosinski upon whose research CA’s campaigns are built: “Our smartphone is a vast psychological questionnaire that we are constantly filling out, both consciously and unconsciously.” Bereft of smartphones, India’s poor leave scant digital traces, but the youth and the urbanites are ripe for picking.


The 56-inch chest versus 56-day sabbatical metaphor symbolises two leaders pulling the idea of India in opposite directions. Are his elite, glib advisors being replaced by experienced doers like Sam Pitroda?

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