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i am looking to meet someone that is smart outgoing and loves to have fun.

Also i like ladies that dresses like guys so if thats you then i am more then willing to get to know you.

I ended up Googling his phone number and found out he was about 38 years old, lived in Kentucky, never went to college there and was previously married, with two kids. After sitting out in the shade for a while, we decided to move inside for some ac. After a few minutes I felt all right enough to get up and close my tab.

I took about four steps toward the bar and then collapsed to the ground.

We were supposed to meet at a restaurant but I forgot there was a major college basketball game on and the place was packed, so we had to quickly change plans. I had never been there before, but it was close by.

I quickly discovered this was his hangout and he knew pretty much everyone there. He bought me a drink and we started awkwardly making small talk.

He showed up 20 minutes late, steered me away from the glass of wine I wanted (perhaps I should have held my ground there, but I was trying to be polite), and told our waiter that no, we would not be ordering food, just a glass of wine each.

Maybe it wasn’t the worst date ever, but it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.…We finally got a table and he asked me did I want to take shots! Was it going that badly or did this dude just like to turn up during any occasion? …He went outside, without telling me, and left me alone with his friends for about 20 or more minutes! – The date when it all went wrong: First date Date spot: Foxcroft Wine Co.I declined and he proceeded to take shots without me. The story: He looked great on paper (i.e., smartphone screen).I started noticing pieces of our conversation weren’t adding up, so like most twenty-something girls, I took to some old-fashioned internet stalking. I called him out on it nicely because he was obviously embarrassed, and he insisted he was actually a lawyer. THEN admitted that he was actually kicked out of law school for drug arrests.Come to find out, the “lawyer” I had gone out with was not a lawyer. I said I didn’t want to hang out anymore because of his dishonesty and you would’ve thought I ended a five-year relationship due to his over-the-top reaction about our “connection” and how I wasn’t giving nice guys like him a chance.


I had never passed out before so I had no idea that my symptoms were leading to this.