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He originally favors elemental fire and wind spells in battle, but in later books focuses more strongly on fire and kinetic force.He has also been known to use earth magic (It's My Birthday Too and Turn Coat), lightning (Small Favor and Turn Coat), and water (Turn Coat).He has since learned that he is not her only child, having an older half-brother - the White Court vampire Thomas Raith.After his father died, Harry spent some time as a ward of the state.The novels are written from Harry's perspective, in the style of hardboiled detective fiction.Harry possesses significant magical strength in comparison to other wizards of his age, though he lacks the fine control and manipulation of magic displayed by some practitioners.In later novels, he comes to rely on ice and cold magic as well.

Early in the series, Harry has little skill with veils and concealment magic, but he later develops a better grounding in this skill as part of his tutoring of an apprentice.

Harry's skill with battle magic has increased steadily and quickly.

His shields are the most striking example, initially unable to deal with sufficiently strong attacks, and not warding away heat, such that his hand was almost burned off.

Instead, he was placed under the Doom of Damocles, a strict probation in which Mc Coy was assigned to supervise him; if Harry broke the Laws of Magic again, both he and Mc Coy would be executed.

Mc Coy mentored Harry and helped keep him out of trouble until Harry was old enough to support himself.

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At ten years old, soon after his magical powers began to manifest themselves, Harry was adopted by the dark wizard Justin Du Morne, a former Warden of the White Council.

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