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Elena models dating

Foreigners notice it immediately when visiting Russia, how family oriented are women and girls.

For females, their husband and kids are the centre of the Universe.

Like people of any nation Russians may complain about the way their state administration operates but they will still defend it furiously if you were to talk about it unfavourably. You’d think it could be seen as a downside but no, it’s a matter of national pride.

Yes, citizens of the world’s largest country are proud of their heritage, history, and global influence on the political scene.

By the way, Stalin himself was Georgian and not Russian.

Joseph Stalin was born 21 December 1879 in Gori, Georgia (country Georgia on the intersection of Europe and Asia on the Black Sea, not an American state). Its area of 17 million square km (or 6.5 million square miles) is nearly double the size of the second largest country, Canada. The territory of Russia lies both in Europe and Asia, making it transcontinental.

It’s a sign of intelligence in a way to be able to manage all the intricacies of the local dialect.

Think of it as “the mysterious Russian soul.” In fact, in Russia acting irrationally based on one’s feelings rather than trying to manage logical outcomes is seen as a virtue.

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