Emw client profile updating utility

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Emw client profile updating utility

If you would not enter any plant, all plants in your ERP system will be transferred to the EWM system and exist there as location (Pic 3).Pic 3: Now the first question is: why is the plant next to the material? The material consists of several fields, these fields are organized in views.

First things first: the ERP system is the leading system and you have to transfer the material master from ERP to EWM.

Due to the regular questions and discussion in SCN I decided to write down some of the aspects to be considered when transferring material master data from an SAP ERP system to SAP EWM.

The title says “Part 1”, as there are some aspects I do not include in this document, but I might write another document when I find the time.

The important thing when you use EWM is: we do not need this information, we do not need a location product.

It is very important for a SCM system when you use APO functionalities, to have a location product, but EMW only needs the product.

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