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Entitymanager merge not updating

I personally think that using the find method is a much better option when performing the undo,the refresh and the remove operations because it keeps things in perspective. Why merge an entity when we are sure that we do not want to save its state in the database.

Making it managed using the find method is far simpler and lucid.

Regards, Mihai Hi The key for the "entity Manager.refresh(entity Manager.merge(item))" is the "flush".

Regards, Mihai Mihai, You mean to say that the merge operation here does not really do what it really is intended to do? Is it like whenever more than one operation exists in single transaction, one overrides the other?

merge() & refresh() will be executed in that order right?So merge operation always attaches the entity to the persistence context? but refresh operation takes the data from the database and updates the same cache & the result will be overwriting the data in the cache 3.The function is to merge the changes in a managed entity to its corresponding database row. when the transaction ends this data will be written to the database as part of the merge operation, but since this data was overwritten by refresh method the data ultimately written in the database will be the same as before.Of course the flush happens only when the transaction commits. That is no change in data as such; but it will be rewritten to the DB? In that case if it has a version field; it will be updated by the container; right? Hi Jisha IMHO, when the transaction ends the actual persistence context gets synchronized with the database (it does not play a role how this changes occurs).In our case the entity get attached in the persistence context - with merge - and after this is altered.

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