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Otherwise, the code loops through the input string one character at a time, to make sure that all of the characters input by the user match one of the allowed characters.The Visual Basic function checks for the presence of one string inside another, and if it does not find it returns zero.The validation rules used will depend on the application, and in particular on the type of data being input to the program.Database management systems like Oracle or Microsoft Access provide extensive facilities for creating data validation rules.Dim str Allowed Chars As String = "0123456789() - " If Len(txt Telephone.Text) = 0 Then Exit Sub Else For i = 0 To Len(txt Telephone.

There will be a number of validation routines attached to other controls, however, to ensure that invalid input is handled as early as possible.

You should see something like the following illustration: Dim int At, int Dot As Integer If Len (txt Email.

Text) = 0 Then Exit Sub Else int At = In Str(1, txt Email. Text, ".") If (int At = 0) Or (int Dot = 0) Or (int Dot = (int At 1)) _ Or(In Str(int At 1, txt Email.

Text, "@") function) of the first occurrence (if any) of the at sign ("@") character in the string, and the location of the first occurrence thereafter (if any) of the period (".") character.

Note that the first argument to the function specifies at what position within the target string the search starts, so any occurrence of a period before the "@" is ignored.

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Nor can they guarantee that any data files used by the program will be free of errors and in the correct format.

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