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That, and the fact that Continues are not allowed while battling any level of Dokkan Battle does not just grant you an LR character from you completing a stage.You must, of course, clear other stages first to obtain the first character.After that, use Senzu Beans and Dende to bring your health back.Green orbs are pretty easy to stack for when LR Goku’s turn comes up.On occasion, I have had to use 1 Ghost Usher, but that is quite rare to have happen. Going into the battle with around 80k HP tops, it’s almost guaranteed that you will use a Senzu Bean or two.During the third round, with my preferred team composition, my AGL units take 10k tops damage per normal ATK from LR Frieza.This is only really an issue if the player has not taken advantage of any of the events in which characters are freely obtained.

The final level of Summit of the Universe, where you obtain the Dokkan Awakening Medal required to turn your farmable Frieza into LR Frieza, is three rounds.Frieza only has one health bar on this stage, so this should be quite easy to defeat.Expect a grind, however, when it comes to farming The primary restriction, while it seems difficult, is that you can only bring freely obtainable characters to enter any level involved in fighting or obtaining LR Frieza.Prime Battle is the event in which you will take on, farm, defeat, and Dokkan Awaken LR Frieza from start to finish.Once you select the event, the first level that you need to farm is “Defying the Emperor”.

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Also, try to leverage your HP so that you can utilize Whis’ passive, as that saves you on HP items.

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