Gay german dating

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Gay german dating

Couple of months ago there was a post on here by another American that couldn't understand why everybody was hugging everybody else in Germany all the time, and getting kisses on the cheek. Gives you a fresh view on what you consider to be normal.That made it hard for them to distinguish whether the person they were interested in was really flirting or just behaving normally. Shy, trying to be polite, and overcaucious not to give the impression of taking advantage of you, a girl in a foreign country. Also, next time you want to have sex, don't make a rape joke beforehand.If he's thinking like i'm thinking (and im not German), he didn't make a move because he didn't want you to think that he offered you the ride for sex, or that YOU shouldn't think because he drove you, you owe him sex.It turns out to be an interesting point of view, since I really like him and didn't want to give the wrong impression as well, that I only want him to be my 'one night stand'.Is he being only a very good friend or is it the normal degree of shyness one can expect from a local bavarian boy?As a guy, i would need major signals (bright lights and some drawings) in order to make a move in such a situation.He probably had that sentence in his head all the fucking time and was anxious NOT to do anything that might lead to sex in fear of it being associated with rape.-- 2cents from like the shyest politest overcauciousest guy ever - happy to be in a relationship for 10 years now so I hopefully don't have to play the dating game ever again.I get what you're saying on avoiding the dark humor, but since he was able to toss it back humorously at the end of the night, I'd say OP and this guy seem to be matching humor speed pretty well and that it probably helped de-awkward the situation a bit. But it would still have sticked in the back of his head.

I mean, was he waiting for me to make the first move?He may think that you as an American don't let a guy stay the night after a couple of dates. Such as, what can you expect on a first date, no good night kiss before the third date, and in general just more complicated and formalized.We all make assumptions all the time about what the other person might think or do, and most of them are wrong. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in general in your society, a man touching a woman that he is not in a relationship with is considered inappropriate and might get you a complaint for "sexual misconduct" or harassment (That was even a point in an intercultural training guide that my company gives out to overseas placements). (Question mark because I am not sure if this is generally so or just in my narrow field of vision).I am a fresh fish swimming in german waters, my flight landed in Frankfurt 6 weeks ago. And, I’m afraid, I might be falling for a guy, as well.A very wonderful attractive well-educated and funny german guy but, according to what I have been reading, a real german when it comes about dating.

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I walked him to the door, thanked him for the ride and he gave me a hug saying "thank you for not raping me" WTF??

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