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These plague pits are now beneath the dog walking area around the church. Bartholomew's Hospital Ground, the area was used as a large plague pit between 1664 - 1666.Reputedly a rather shallow grave, residential buildings on top of the site have only recently been constructed.According to many sources, including Wikipedia, many of the office blocks towards the north western corner of Houndsditch do not occupy full plots due to a littering of plague pits in the area.

Many thanks to Cory Doctorow for helping us identify the exact location of the pit, as well as an unidentified submitter who tipped us off to the site.Specifically, the lease for Cross Bones passed to the churchwardens of St Saviour's parish in 1665 during the height of the Great Plague.Contrary to popular legend, the name 'Blackheath' is in no way related to the Black Death!The majority of these sites were originally in the grounds of churches, but as the body count grew and the graveyards became overcharged with dead, then dedicated pits were hastily constructed around the fields surrounding London.Unfortunately there is very little evidence about the exact location of these plague pits.

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it’s hardly surprising that the bubonic plague flourished in the crowded streets of London.

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