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Hiv positive guys for dating

I remember phoning up the NHS Direct helpline, telling them I’d had my tongue up this boy’s ass, and asking whether I needed PEP.A lovely lady at the other end of the phone carefully but clearly explained: “No, babe.” Yet his status was why I didn’t call up the boy again.He fitted an ignorant man’s HIV stereotype: he was a ketamine-sniffing rentboy, living with a sugar daddy in West Hampstead.When I asked him how he paid the rent, he snorted and replied: “My ass.” He was also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.‘At a time when my father was terminally ill and having lost two friends to suicide, having a HIV diagnosis destroyed me.

It was great news because I know I am healthy and managing the condition.

‘I left the doctors that day catatonic and numb – life as a HIV positive man – and found myself crying down the phone to a friend, just managing to utter the word ‘positive’.’ He now realises his first reaction to fear the worst was not how things needed to be.

Chris said he went to the Mortimer Market clinic after finding out he was positive, and ‘cannot thank them enough’ for the support an education they gave him.

I sometimes think about him and hope he’s doing okay.

After he told me his status that night, I said: “Sure, we’ll just use condoms.” The next day I lay curled up on my bed, trying to slow down my thoughts.

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I knew something about HIV from the magazines and GMFA flyers, and that if somebody came inside you that was a big risk.

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