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Each item has a unique identifier that is used to query the data, making it a prime candidate for auto cache invalidation.Auto cache invalidation can also be useful where point selects are prevalent but cannot be cached using the TTL-based method. Saturday, 18 February 2006 Filed under: Caching Web Have you ever posted a comment to a blog, found it missing, so you re-posted it, only to find two entries? Aaron pinged me the other day with this problem, and I responded that the Right way to do this is to POST to the same resource (i.e., the blog entry), so that the POST invalidates the cache.

Database resources are heavily taxed towards the end of the auction when many more users are watching an item and starting a bidding war.

Having done some automated browser testing recently, it was easy to whip up a couple of tests for these requirements.

I’ve moved all of the caching-related testing into one page; while it uses XMLHttp Request, these results should be valid for most any implementation, as the same cache as the normal browser be used. Safari seems OK for these purposes (even unknown methods), while Firefox gloriously fails all of the invalidation tests.

Users browse through a lot of items before the final checkout, which puts significant load on the database.

It is widely known that having slow load times impacts sales, and querying cart data from the database can slow web page performance.

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A cache that passes through requests for methods it does not understand SHOULD invalidate any entities referred to by the Request-URI.