Inconsistent behavior in dating maya r b dating

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He told her that he wasn't over his ex but insisted he didn't want to stop seeing Christine — he really liked her. On the other hand, nothing could have been better calculated to make Christine insecure than his strange confession.

I worried Lewis might be the kind of person whose feelings run hot and cold.Every time I thought of my own behavior — how weak I'd been, how many excuses I'd made — I'd cringe. At least, it had been., I wanted to write about the downward spiral of shame that my friends and I had experienced.We were all smart career women with plenty of interests besides dating.My friend Missy, whom I was visiting in Tucson, told me this was a dick move on Lewis's part. I could see I was acting like a different person from the one he'd fallen for and, more important, from the person I thought I was.I'd become needy, insecure, and downright pathetic.

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The not-especially-likable protagonist of my novel is 30-year-old Nate.

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