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Well, if you can get Dan to go along with it, I guess I can.

The name is maybe less important than potentially fantastic new footage in the classic HOM style.

Normally I have no difficulty figuring out the storyline in a Japanese flick even though I don't speak the language.

He then places her spread eagled on an inclined rack device and liberally sprinkles her body with leeches amid much squirming and squealing.

Next, she is again secured to the incline rack face down and tush elevated for lashing.

She has a flashback to her and hubby in just such a position.

Maya got her cute little ass chewed out tonight because she has failed to post, I hope she will tonight. and I don't think Sarge would be so stupid as to have some guy in our house for 3 days, and not know the difference. By the way, I am pretty sure Amber's pussy is still sore... I think she's one of the more attractive bondage models out there. See the fringe benefits of being a bondage producer? And yes, I should be able to tell even without a face if "he's back! It's going to take me some time to go along with "Blakemore" as his "default" name, considering the research I did that has me thoroughly (or almost thoroughly) convinced Blakemore is another guy (mag photo editor), and it's also occurred to me recently that it might be the photo editor's real name (Barbara Behr and Bob Bishop used their real names in the mag credits).

My film guy in Texas just got the raw footage today, so I ordered him to give it top priority. OBTW Ralphus I need your addy please e-mail it to me so I can send you two copies of the raw footage. He had A LOT of stories to tell, too many actually. BTW, Sarge, even though Maya did eventually post, it was not timely so I think she should be severely punished. The October 2008 archives has some informative HOM posts by Dan Hawke about Whitman.

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Not happy with the results he binds her with wrists behind to a column.

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