Lithuanian couple cam

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Lithuanian couple cam

This will be activating catabolism – the breakdown of energy stores – sugar levels will be up, free fatty acids circulating, blood clotting systems activated, insulin levels down, and on and on.This is not, it should be added, the perfect metabolic situation in which to eat food.I looked at a condition known as post-aggression metabolism. A condition where the stress hormone cortisol is over-produced by the adrenal glands. Cushing’s disease represents a form of chronic ‘fight or flight’, constant stress.The state the body finds itself in after trauma such as a car crash or major operation. I discovered that, in Cushing’s there is a spectrum of metabolic, and other physiological, abnormalities such as: I also noted that, Cushing’s increases the risk of CVD by, at least, 600%.

For the sake of simplicity, I will just use the word stress.

If you eat whilst you are relaxed and socialising with friends and family, will your body deal with food in a different way? The sympathetic nervous system will be directing blood from the digestive system, to muscles, acid production in the stomach will be down, the heart rate will be up – and suchlike.

At the same time the stress hormone: adrenaline (epinephrine), growth hormone, glucagon, and cortisol levels will be high and surging round your bloodstream.

They began the trend for fast eating, fast living, eating and driving. They were first to suffer a high rate of heart disease.

I began to study the effect of stress on metabolism.

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Instead, a range of protective factors have been proposed. What was the key thing that caused the Scots to die of heart disease in great numbers?

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