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For example, if they could write, they could become a manager of the master's estate.

Captive slaves were mostly assigned to the temples or a king, and they had to do manual labor.

Hittite texts from Anatolia include laws regulating the institution of slavery.

Of particular interest is a law stipulating that reward for the capture of an escaped slave would be higher if the slave had already succeeded in crossing the Halys River and getting farther away from the center of Hittite civilization — from which it can be concluded that at least some of the slaves kept by the Hittites possessed a realistic chance of escaping and regaining their freedom, possibly by finding refuge with other kingdoms or ethnic groups.

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In Ancient Egypt, slaves were mainly obtained through prisoners of war.

This would include those children born into slavery but who were actually the children of the master of the house.

Slaves had plenty of jobs that they could be assigned to.

Some had domestic jobs, like taking care of children, cooking, brewing, or cleaning. They could be craftsmen or even get a higher status.

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