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Customers are supposed to use the HELP and MY ACCOUNT sections of the website to solve those problems.

The phone number listed in the email is different from those listed on the website (1-866-716-0414).

That Netflix customer service phone number is available 24 hours a day.

We found that the email sent from Netflix is an automated response with little to no thought behind the response.

If this is starting to sound confusing or conspiratorial, that’s understandable. Although there are roughly a dozen “attack vectors” for saturating large crowds with deliberately false cellular information, not to mention an infinite number of hypothetical possibilities, let’s frame this whole thing in the form of a single Trump tweet. (By the way, the tweet directly above is actually legit) Or maybe you’re one of these internet detectives who realized the date and time stamp on the tweets didn’t correspond with the scheduled major sporting events. I beg you, for just one brief moment, to put on your thinking cap. Now if I can construct these fake Trump tweets, what’s to prevent me from saturating the internet with this shit? But instead of the physical world, it’s the cyber-world. on cellular steroids sprinkled with a wireless dash of human growth hormone pills.

Using a troll farm in Karachi, Pakistan or Moscow, Russia. Bulk posting the information via a spam bot on local tv reporters’ social media pages (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.) in the respective cities of every NFL & MLB team. After all, I’m quite certain there’s an “angelic internet goddess” that sifts through all those mean online messages. Hey, ever wonder why NOBODY is allowed to talk about it?

Netflix customer service begins with automated options.

After a wait of approximately 1 minute, we were connected to a customer service representative.

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Nine NFL stadiums, eleven MLB ballparks and probably a NASCAR motor speedway.

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