Marriage dating elena or irina or svetlana music Montreal female xxx live cams

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Marriage dating elena or irina or svetlana music

I wrote to Mila and in her first letter she said that my letter had "touched her heart and she has been looking for her soulmate for a couple years". She said she didn't know very much English and through the agency we could correspond.Amour-of-Ukraine has a registered domain in the USA under the direction of Natali Romanovskaya who lives in Odessa, Ukraine. Mila was highlighted as a "New Girl" under the Amour-of-Ukraine but she wasn't new to the site and in an email from Romanovskaya she admits she has known Mila for over a year.A week before Mila was to leave I received an email from Kristina Novak who claimed to be one of Mila's good friends from Kiev.

Western Union assured me that she would have to show her ID to pick up the money.

I am requesting that Natali Romanovskaya, Svetlana "Mila" Popovich, and the Amour-of-Ukranian agency be removed from the Internet.

I am also pursuing criminal charges against Romanovskaya and Svetlana "Mila" Popovich if she exists. I urge everyone who reads this story to send their comments to Romanovskaya and Svetlana "Mila" Popovich at [email protected] young woman (21yrs old) claiming to be Elena Votrina from Ekaterinburg contacted me many months ago via Yahoo.

The following day Mila was sending the same form letters she had sent me when she started the scam.

I wrote Romanovskaya using Jansen's name and Romanovskaya wrote and said that "Mila is honest and sincere." I also wrote Romanovskaya and she wrote back stating that she knew Mila was going on the train to fly to New York to visit me.

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