Melissa rycroft and tony dovolani dating who is morgan man dating now

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"So the fact that we won, we weren't even thinking about what happened in Season 8. Look what we did against all these people this season.'" Her daughter was also able to see her perform this time around. She became an LA girl for a couple of months," Rycroft said.

"I know it's not something she's going to remember one day -- she's too little -- but it's very well-documented.

She snapped the images for the photo diary with the Nokia Lumia 920 phone, which she is promoting and calls a "great last-minute gift" for the holidays (she also said it will be her gift for Strickland this year).

She used the phone's camera to take photos of Ava opening an early Christmas present, a family dinner, a recent trip to New York when she appeared on "The View" and other snapshots from "the chaos and the calmness" in her life.

In that capacity, Rycroft will deliver "uplifting, summer-type" pieces, our insider says.

And, to be honest, we were just fighting to hold our own and to stay up with the Olympians and the Kirstie Alleys and the talent pool that was this season," she said of her and Dovolani.

"This will be the first year that Ava is really going to be able to enjoy Christmas. So Tye and I are discussing now what traditions we want to start with her," she added.

As she prepares for the holiday, Rycroft has shared some new personal photos with fans.

"Our relationship was better, we were dancing better, it was more fun.

I got to relax a little bit more and just enjoy this process," she said.

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It's going to be fun to be able to see everybody," she told