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It’s fair to say that the enigmatic Katherine Moennig has made more of an impact on dyke dressing and ‘tude as The L Word’s Shane than any other celebrity this century.

She says, "We’ve all grown and changed so much as people during the show – of course that affects how we portray something.

The more we learn about ourselves, the more raw and authentic our performances can be." If Kate could start over in The L Word she’d audition for the part of Jenny: "I really admire what Mia does on camera.

She tops your list of style icons and she’s back in full effect in Season 4 of LIVINGTV’s hit show.

Perfect timing then to ask her a few questions and capture her iconic image on camera.

It’s 10.30 Wednesday morning, the sun is streaming through an open window, and she’s just reaching for the copy of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows that lies, half-read, on her bedside table when the phone rings. Well, not everything, but surely we expect that by now.

In spite of her artistic pedigree, Kate tells me, "I never felt pushed into performing.

In fact, I always wanted to be a doorman when I grew up." Living on the 12th floor of an up-market apartment block in Philly, Kate spent a lot of time hanging out with the guys who ran the building: "They were my friends, I thought the uniform was cool and it seemed like an easy job." As a child she preferred this adult company to that of her peers and, like her achingly aloof screen persona, Shane, Kate grew up as quite the outsider: "I was kept back a year in Second Grade, which really didn’t do me any favours.

What you might not know is that Kate’s dad is a respected violin-maker who still runs the family business in Philadelphia, and her mother, Mary Zahn, is an ex-Broadway dancer.

Kate is the niece of actress Blythe Danner (who played Will’s mum in Will & Grace) and cousin to Gwyneth Paltrow.

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He has an amazing sense of humour." No doubt Kate was suitably amused by the anecdote in Burrough’s latest book, Possible Side-Effects, where he helps his "lipstick lesbian" friend write a personal ad. Most of what you’ll read in those books is common sense.

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