Mom sexual chat

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She paused for a moment to catch her thoughts, then said "Well now, seeing your naked Mom sure brought on some gutsy comments from you." I said "Sorry Mom.

Hope I didn't offend you with that." She said "No, you didn't. Didn't know you had it in you." I said "I guess I am an average teenage boy.

I could see most of one of her tits hanging down while we were talking, but could not see the nipples.

I said "Mom, I could look at you like this for hours.

We never had conflict with each other about anything.

I saw that Mom's door was open to her bedroom so I headed down the hall to say "Hi." I could hear a tv on, and when I reached her door, she did not notice me standing at her door.

She was laying on her belly, totally naked while watching tv.

As far as I am concerned you can run around the house naked around me all you want.

In fact, I wish you would start right away." She laughed, as she responded with "Well, that is what I would expect a teenager to say.

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I have a lot of thoughts you don't know about." She said "Well, when I met your Dad he was like that too.

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