Parenting dating contracts

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Parenting dating contracts

The aim is to work in partnership to improve the behaviour of the child or young person.

In negotiating a contract the specific requirements included under Section 25(3)(a) of the Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003 should specifically address criminal conduct or anti-social behaviour.

In light of this meeting the responsible officer should decide whether the breach is undermining the contract to the extent that they need to apply for a Parenting Order or whether to persevere with the contract.

The YOS needs to be clear what evidence there is of this.If there are further breaches the responsible officer will meet the parents or guardians to review the contract and how it can be made to work.The parents will be advised that if a contract fails the YOS can apply for a free-standing Parenting Order and that a court would take account of how far the parents had complied with the contract.The YOS assessment of the child or young person and their parents or guardians and details of its ability to provide the parenting programme should be presented in a report supporting the application.The YOS will also provide evidence of any experience of trying to engage the parents through a Parenting Contract.

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The contract should balance specific and general requirements.

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