Powerpoint graphs not updating dating zambia russia

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Powerpoint graphs not updating

Recently, I discovered yet another huge timesaver: the ability to link data from Excel to Power Point.This feature is perfect for Power Point presentations that are in need of constant updates.As we always love to share our favorite lifesaving formulas, tips and tricks, I wanted to share a quick how-to with you.

I won't use the method of copying then paste-special, paste link option, as this requires for me to keep the graphs in the source excel, which is a nuisance. Updatelinks End Sub While this does work, it only updates the graphs to the current source data, while going Design- Refresh Data makes the graph dynamic, meaning if something is changed in the source data, the graph automatically changes aswell.Individually select each file you wish to unlink and click “Break Link.” Consider saving the unlinked file with a different file name so you can still access the linked Power Point for internal changes and updates.Another alternative solution is to PDF the presentation before sending it out.Here’s an example of what our formulas look like in this automated table.Our sumifs simply keeps track of the sum of each metric for each month (this process is explained in our appendix for those of you who are new to this formula). B) We nest this in a simple if formula to prevent our sumifs from returning a zero, and replacing it with an empty text string instead.

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The updated data source should then be automatically applied to both the Excel and Power Point charts.