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Not only do these men share a quest for love, they have something else in common: they’re all in prison for murder.

The suitors are among dozens of male and female cons who have posted personal profiles and photos on a matchmaking website with a twist.

“I guess it just makes somebody’s day.” Mehlenbacher said the website has given many guys he knows on the inside a boost.

“I was kinda lonely,” Mehlenbacher, who spoke to The Canadian Press on the phone from prison, said of his decision to join the website.

Canadian Inmates Connect helps prisoners like Mehlenbacher escape, so to speak, from the daily grind of life in the pen.

“He’s in there with a bunch of weirdos or whatever, so by getting a letter from somebody from the outside brings a smile to him,” she said.

The profiles are authored entirely by the convicts, which means nobody double-checks them for accuracy.

He says his statutory release date is September 2017, though he hopes to be paroled earlier.” By comparison, Young says, an inmate cannot just show up at your house uninvited right after you meet them.And she believes they would be less likely to lie since you already know why they were sent to jail.“You just do your research on them, or whatever, and you’ll be good,” she said.Not every prison love story, though, has a fairy-tale ending.

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Eventually, they plan to go to school together to become child-care workers.

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