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Interpreted code runs more slowly than compiled code, but you can debug interpreted code in more detail than compiled code. Once a procedure has been imported by a module, it can be called, or exported, as if it were defined in that module.

There are two kinds of importation: procedure-importation, in which only specified procedures are imported from a module; and module-importation, in which all the predicates made exported by a module are imported. Those predicates which correspond to built-in operators are written using infix notation in the list of built-in predicates at the beginning of the part that contains the reference pages.

Node: Intro, Next: Acknowledgments, Previous: Top, Up: Top Prolog is a simple but powerful programming language developed at the University of Marseilles [Roussel 75], as a practical tool for programming in logic [Kowalski 74].

For an introduction to programming in Prolog, readers are recommended to consult [Sterling & Shapiro 86].

Jonas Almgren, Johan Andersson, Stefan Andersson, Tams Benk, Kent Boortz, Per Brand, Gran Bge, Mats Carlsson, Jesper Eskilson, Lena Flood, Gyrgy Gyaraki, Seif Haridi, Ralph Haygood, Christian Holzbaur, Key Hyckenberg, Per Mildner, Hans Nilsson, Mats Nyln, Greger Ottosson, Lszl Pter, Dan Sahlin, Rob Scott, Thomas Sjland, Pter Szeredi, Peter Van Roy, Johan Widn, and Emil strm.

See CLPQR, for acknowledgments relevant to the clp(Q, R) constraint solver.

Also the display of this information produced by the debugger.

The backtrace includes data on goals that were called but not exited and also on goals that exited nondeterministically.

To aid programmers who wish to write standard compliant programs, built-in predicates that are part of the ISO Prolog Standard are annotated with A collection of information on the control flow of the program, gathered by the debugger.Parts of the system were developed by the project "Industrialization of SICStus Prolog" in collaboration with Ericsson Telecom AB, Nobel Tech Systems AB, Infologics AB and Televerket.The system consists of a emulator written in C, a library and runtime system written in C and Prolog and an interpreter and a compiler written in Prolog.Initially, the mapping prescribes no character conversions.It can be modified by the built-in predicate To load a program (or a portion thereof) into Prolog through the compiler.

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