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I'm enjoying it while it lasts and it's been a lot of fun so far, but outside of the stuff I've pointed out above, she is just a normal girl and we also do normal stuff like hang out and eat dinner together. The biggest downside is people recognising her outside of work.

Everytime we go to a club we'll encounter people who she's danced for.

Strip clubs are a place of business and to prevent the possibility of solicitation of prostitution (which does happen) for which the club would lose their licence, their is are strict rules on this.T-Pain may have expressed it best singing, “I’m in love with a stripper” — because the truth is, he’s not the only one.Throughout the world, women (and men) are removing clothing for money – and lots of it.That's their job, so it can be hard to work out if someone's really into you or not. Talk to her like you would any other girl that you like.Strippers get a lot of people been really leery and weird to them and they generally have to put up with it.

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She has money - My last gf was a student and after she got a job earning minimum wages I generally speaking I paid for everything. Me and my girl go away for weekends to great hotels and go on to big nights out.

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