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Rules successful dating

After all, it is appropriate behavior, she’s on a date!!!

She will also feel relieved that the ice is already broken without any awkwardness and be grateful for that. One of the main reasons you are dating this girl is to have fun right?

She cannot over analyze every single micro expression trying to figure out your insecurities.

Also, physical activity is good to dissipate stress and anxiety, for both of you.

Unless you want to have children and start a family with a woman, long-term relationship where she moves in with you, simply do not worth all the problems.

One of the biggest problems, when you date a new girl, is to break the ice between the non-physical kind of flirting and the physical escalation that will eventually lead up to kissing and sex.

You’re the leader, it’s your date, take it or leave it, remember! Of course, she said yes, every girl hopes for a kiss during a date. Each time I told to a girl, I was dating “I love you”, that was the beginning of the end. Unless you are to date 27 and she says it first, and that you are certain you want to have kids with her, just shut your mouth. It’s her female instinct trying to stir up some drama.

Example: Once I was dating this super hot Thai chick, but she was so shy, I could not find a smooth way to kiss her. They are just waiting for you to take the lead and make it happen. Once you say “I love you”, the seduction game is over. Chances are, at one point she will ask a question of that nature. There is no way this will end up being a good thing for you if you go down that path. It’s too perfect at that point, she wants to cry, bitch and complaint a little.

In addition, when you stay still and drink coffee you both have more chance to get in your head and become anxious.

When you are on the move, you both walk side by side, looking forward.

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At one point we both seated on a bench at the park, I looked at her and said: Wanna kiss? Whatever if the number you give is high or low, it will create a cascade of problems…

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