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Serbia dating love

Serbia, meanwhile, continued as a successor state to the former federation of Serbia and Montenegro.Serbia’s head of state is the president, who is selected by the National Assembly but whose powers are marginal.In 1989 Serbia reasserted its direct control over Kosovo and the Vojvodina, which led to increased tensions that eventually erupted into armed conflict.

In 2002, shortly before a planned referendum on independence, Montenegrin leader Milorad Djukanović negotiated an agreement (under the auspices of the EU) with Serb and Yugoslav authorities that called for greater autonomy for Montenegro in a continued loose federation with Serbia named Serbia and Montenegro.

Almost all citizens, including women, were organized into a civil defense organization.

Independent Serbia continued the policy of compulsory military service, though it made plans to end the requirement.

In 2008 Kosovo declared independence; although the United States and most countries of the EU recognized the new country, Serbia denounced the declaration as illegal.) serve as basic units for services and tax collection.

These communes are roughly 150 square miles (400 square km) in area, with an average population of 45,000.

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But over the following decades Albanians began to press for full republic status within Yugoslavia, which elicited an emotional counterreaction from Serbs, especially regarding Kosovo.

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