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It actually becomes less about being liked and more about performing and being respected.

I'm not talking about being unlikable; I'm talking about focusing on your performance because that's what's going to protect you in this economy.

You say women should "treat him mean to keep him keen." I don't want to be a mean girl, and I don't want to work with them. You're not trying to make enemies, but you are going to have to have hard conversations and make hard decisions, especially as you go up the career ladder.

No one wants to lay off friends, but at the end of the day, this is business.

It's a mistake to think that only salespeople are attached to revenue. When it comes to plans for marriage and family, you advise women to be as cagey on an interview as they would be on a date.

It's wrong for an employer to think about your reproductive schedule relative to their business, but at the same time, if you make it sound like your clock is ticking, you're going to scare an employer away in the same way you'd scare away a guy.

And with a job—unlike with a romantic relationship—if you're wrong, you can go back to what you left.

If you don't quit, how do you bring back the romance? A lot of companies are delighted, because you're off their payroll for a month. You can have one foot out, one foot in, and explore other jobs and careers.

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Apply that to a job where you're working for less than market value for years and never getting anything out of it.

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