Sweden women dating marriage

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Sweden women dating marriage

The status and rights of Women in Sweden has been affected by culture, religion and social discourses such as by the strong feminist movement as well as laws, and changed several times through the history of Sweden.

During the Viking Age, women had a relatively free status in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Denmark and Norway, illustrated in the Icelandic Grágás and the Norwegian Frostating laws and Gulating laws.

There were also exclusively female guilds, such as that of the midwives and that of the Rower woman.A woman regardless of personal status could purchase a permit, to be active within trade of export and import without guild membership and be a Kontingentborgare.This was a permit to manufacture and, or, sell goods which was not included in the guild monopolies from stands in the square or in the street, often old clothes, ornaments, jam and cakes, and from 1623, such permits was issued only to those who could prove that they had no other way to support themselves.Upon the day of her marriage, she was placed under the coverture of her husband.However, men was banned from selling the property of their wife without her consent, wives were given the right to sell property and handle affairs in the absence of her husband, and both spouses regardless of gender were secured the right to divorce upon adultery, upon which the innocent party was secured custody of the children.

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There was no distinction made between children born inside or outside of marriage: both had the right to inherit property after their parents, and there was no "legitimate" or "illegitimate" children.

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